Inspiring spaces

Inspiring spaces

One of the central arguments of Old English Ecotheology is that the poetry of the Exeter Book reflects the material and environmental conditions of the culture that produced it. I like to think that Old English Ecotheology is similarly reflective of the landscapes and environmental forces I encountered while writing the book. For day two of my fourteen-day promotional extravaganza, I’m sharing some photos of spaces that inspired me while writing and revising this project.

As I compiled the index entry for “sea,” I thought about the all the coasts I’ve been lucky enough to visit since beginning this book. [R-L: Nassau, Bahamas, 5/6/21; Shelter Island, New York, 6/5/18; Seaside, Oregon, 2/1/21]

A central theme of this book is the inescapable interconnectedness of “human” and “natural” realms of activity. [R-L: New York City in the snow, 10/17/19; snowmelt floods the Spokane river, 4/28/21; the ruins at Chichen Itza, 3/9/18]

The best ideas come when you’re least expecting them: for me, that often means while I’m skiing, kayaking, or hiking. [Clockwise from left: Chewelah Mountain, Washington, 1/11/20; Town Lake, Austin, Texas, 7/11/17; Kettle Falls, Washington, 6/1/19]

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