Current Courses:

EL 110: Writing I, an introductory composition course designed to develop students’ skills in argumentation and analysis

EL 207: British Literature to 1800an introductory survey of British Literature to the late 18th century, with an emphasis on medieval literature

EL 247: Shakespearea writing-intensive survey of William Shakespeare’s tragedies, histories, comedies, and sonnets.

Past Courses:

At the University of Texas at Austin

E314L: Banned Books and Novel Ideas, an introductory literary analysis course focusing on developing analytical skills through the explication of frequently censured texts

E314V: Women, Gender, Literature, and Culture, an introductory literary analysis reading classics of women’s literature alongside modern feminist and gender theory

E316L: Masterworks of British Literature, a writing-intensive survey of British Literature from Old English poetry to Virginia Woolf

E350E: Arthurian Literature and Film, an upper-division seminar centered on the women of Arthuriana, from medieval historical record to modern Hollywood film

E374G: Beowulf, an upper-division seminar which takes the Old English epic Beowulf as its central text. Students engage with the text in Old and Modern English.

RHE 306: Rhetoric and Writing, an introductory rhetoric course centering on the summary, analysis, and development of argumentative texts

RHE 309k: Rhetoric of Fandom, a writing-intensive rhetoric course in which students analyze common narratives about fans, fandom, and “fanatic” behavior

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